Client Workshops & Professional Training

Client Workshops

Wellbeing, and stress problems: Taking control – making choices – 1 hour           £20pp

Introductory mini workshop. If you are undecided what path to take regarding workshops, training or treatments available with me, this will give you an insight of each to help you choose.

Makeup – 3 hours           £25pp             

Makeup helps us to feel comfortable and gives us confidence to present ourselves to public. But should you use one product instead of another, do you want a quick put on and run solution, or something special, concealing blemishes, problems with application techniques. Are you in need of a new interview or professional image? How do you upgrade from day to night? Depending on attendees’ requests these can change the content of each session.

Skincare – 3 hours             £25pp 

As a skincare specialist, I can show you that sometimes it is good to learn the basics in a fun environment. You get the chance to try out products you may have been nervous of and stayed away from – Ask questions, get simple advice and feel the immediate benefit of a little TLC for your skin.

Holistic Stress Management Workshop – 3 hours             £35pp

How do we cope in day-to-day conditions when nothing goes to plan? This workshop will give you a unique insight to helping yourself in many situations

  1. A. In the moment, B. Everyday control, C. Prevention to make you stronger.
  2. Help friends and colleagues having panic attacks.

This is not the usual stress management workshop and cannot be found online or read in books. You will be able to look at different aspects of your life and find some solutions to problems through knowledge, diet, exercise and techniques. By the end you will have learned how to reduce your pulse rate and be relaxed through interactive exercises. It includes workshop notes to keep.

All workshops are available at Jill Yvette’s on set dates for individuals to join in, please check the schedule for booking. (For groups, colleagues, and corporate bookings – workshops may be presented in your choice of venue – please call to discuss)

Training – For clients and professionals

Reiki – Traditional Usui Shiki Ryoho method

Reiki holds great curiosity and fascination for many people.

How does it work? How can it do such amazing things?

Reiki training dayNo professional experience is needed for these courses as they are firstly a self-help therapy with the bonus of helping others at Second Degree.

Reiki is the most amazing treatment to receive, and, once trained, an amazing gift to have and self-treat. It really is on hand to treat whenever you wish.

When the time is right for you Reiki will find you. My Reiki journey began in 1998, when Reiki was still being introduced to the western world and my Reiki heritage can be traced back with only 5 masters between Mikao Usui and myself achieved Master/Teacher level in 2007.

Treatments or Training?
Decide if, you would like to experience the here-and-now treatment (to help you deal with current stress, health and life’s problems), or training for long-term self-help treats? You could then treat yourself and control the impact of life, stressful situations, and health problems at any time.

Perhaps you have friends and family you could help with Reiki?

Reiki helps to balance the mind and body using Chakras helping you to throw out the unimportant and bring in the new and fresh – clearing the mind and body of stress and sometimes ailments.

Initially treatment or training is about looking after yourself, keeping strong and putting a protective ‘bubble’ around yourself. Negative situations won’t affect you as much.

It helps you to flick that switch in your mind and become stronger, to let go of mental baggage. Complete all those to do jobs you keep putting off. You will have it forever in your mental toolbox.

Reiki training begins at First Degree Level 19CPD
You can choose to stay there or progress on to Second Degree Level. With me it also includes an introduction to meditation and Chakra attunements. Training can be with the same teacher or a different one – whatever is right for you. Some even choose to repeat their learning with other Reiki teachers. Take time to compare prospective teachers.

Your personal journey needs treating with respect. Although I am only five masters removed from the Grand Master Mikao Usui himself, and I am a qualified Master Teacher I am still learning every day. I have learned that students often find a similarity to their teacher that is helpful during training.

I believe if you are in a caring environment, stressful or for personal health problems, need help in life direction, this is the way to help you chill out and sleep more deeply. The weekend is fun chilled out and relaxing for any age. Thirty page Manuals and accredited certificates are given to students upon successful completion.

First Degree – 2 days                £ see price list    No experience is needed and it is suitable for any age or ability. It is a relaxing experience and a clearing of ‘blockages’ over the two days, it is ideal for treating yourself. Includes introduction, history, chakras, ethics, four attunements, self-treats. Learn how to protect yourself from your environment. A one hour self-treat is equal to 3 to 4 hours sleep!

Second degree – 2 days            £ see price list    Take your experience and heighten the power of Reiki, you can continue to self-treat and treat others. Training includes special techniques to increase your strength and ‘toolbox’ of Reiki. Treatments are stronger and can therefore be shorter. Includes two attunements. A one hour self-treat equals 12 hours sleep!

Master / Teacher – 2 days         £ see price list    Wow so you want to go the whole way – good for you. Taught one-to-one. If you want to take this final step, it really does take you back to looking after – and focusing on yourself, and helps you to gain much freedom and a vast learning library from within. You also become more sensitive to your surroundings. To train at Master level we need to meet and talk to show me you really are ready for this. It is bespoke to you and your experience. Includes one final attunement.

You must understand that the training gives you the tools, but the real learning starts afterwards. First and Second Degrees are taught in small groups.

Training for Professionals

I wish…® training

I wish…® training for professional therapists is over two stages. You are encouraged to complete them to enable a fabulous results led treatment for clients. The training is in the techniques and not product related, therefore compatible with other brands providing they are high quality, natural, having products that will work within the therapy – and not machine led treatments.

Clients know what they want, and can appreciate a great treatment when they experience it. They appreciate looking better, and adore feeling much better after just one visit. All this within their own constraints of time, family, stress, loneliness and work-life. My research showed me the 50+ age group is not catered for well within the profession, I wish…® can meet all their needs (but is certainly not exclusive to them).

With I wish…® interaction between therapist and client is not distracted by equipment. Training requires knowledge of at least NVQ 3 Beauty skills and Second Degree Reiki, plus the Therapist´s natural empathy and compassion towards clients. This brand-new therapy impressed BABTAC judges so much that they awarded me the Beauty Industry Entrepreneur of the Year award in 2012.

I wish…® is unique, natural, life changing, and is definitely the treatment to perfectly fill this gap in the market: combining skin, health and wellbeing in one bespoke therapy for all ages and problems.

Accredited training courses are now available allowing you to fast track your experience and professional status.

Supporting clients,

Delivering results,

Transforming your skin and wellbeing.

Therapies such as Advanced beauty therapy, Reiki, aromatherapy, reflexology etc are essential for the long lasting quality results focusing on skin-care and well-being.

Client testimonials for I wish…® show, instead of having to visit different therapists for treatments and time, this is a ‘Personally tailored all-in-one therapy’.

The I wish…® ‘magic touch’ fulfils a raw basic need – for human compassion and empathy.

BABTAC Beauty Industry Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2012

I wish…® was developed over 30 years – for my clients, the results became stunning. In June 2012 the I wish…® project won me the BABTAC ‘Beauty Industry Entrepreneur of the year Award.”

Jill Yvette

I´m very excited about this course. It is unique in both delivery and personal development for students. The manual, products, and leaflets are excellent and all high standard and very informative. I look forward to the response from our members.

Laura Davis – BABTAC accreditation officer 
Laura Davis – BABTAC accreditation officer

Find out more

Stage One is an introduction to I wish…® over 5 days and how we work, and the basics behind the therapy. In-depth consultations to treat clients holistically, and attunements enhance the understanding and treatments you give. Once comfortable with the intuitive methods you are ready to continue to Stage Two.

Stage Two – 2 days includes more techniques, more areas, and more attunements. With this stage you can do some amazing treatments and grant some impressive wishes for clients. You will understand so much more to help you take a holistic viewpoint to grant those wishes.

Specialist Training

  • Stage One takes 5 days, then advance to the 2 day Stage Two training. Minimum requirements are NVQ 3 in Beauty – or equivalent and also Second degree Reiki. All the other holistic therapies are imbedded in specially developed techniques blending them seamlessly together. Training course methods are unique focusing on therapist personal development.

If you would like more information on I wish…® training then please get in touch. If there are enough students I will deliver the training at your location.

GTi training (Guild Training international)

Various Guild GTi accredited training courses are now available at Jill Yvette’s Holistic Beauty, for Holistic / Beauty Therapists.

Jill Yvette’s Holistic Beauty Ltd has been granted full Beauty / Holistic Guild accreditation for I wish…® The Wellbeing Facial Therapy: Stage 0ne 61CPD, Stage Two 27.5CPD, and Reiki First Degree 19CPD, Second Degree 20CPD and Master/Teacher 20CPD.

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