Why Jill Yvette’s? Why do I work alone?

Jill Yvette

I am an award winning crossover specialist, of Holistic Skin and Beauty Therapy, Reiki Master and Electrolysis, with over 40 years of training – and a lifetime of personal experience of allergies and severe Eczema. I coauthored ‘Beauty and The Best’. I love to help skin and wellbeing problems in unique ways.

I excel at bespoke treatments for clients. My ‘Treatment Price List’ is inventive and inspiring, there is not enough space to list all my qualifications as a list offering.

Consequently, there are two Signature treatments available.

  1. Mystery Treats flip a treatment offering. Suits all budgets as 30, 60 or 90 minutes. Traditionally you determine your treatment choice and make your request from the therapist. E.g Eye massage for your tired eyes…. But, if you told me you have tired eyes and 60/90 minutes to benefit, imagine, allowing me to create and combine multiple therapies, a bespoke relaxation atmosphere of music choice, candles, aromatherapy, warm oils, pressure points, lymphatic drainage, scalp massage, neck and shoulder massage, etc etc. You can begin to sense the powerful difference in appreciation of your precious time out. Tell me your problem – I ask ‘How long have I got?’
  2. I wish…® The Wellbeing Facial Therapy. is 2 hours of award-winning intensive, indulgent, and incredibly powerful luxury. It took 30 years to create Focusing 85% from shoulders up, but includes the whole body. It combines at least 4 therapies at any time of uniquely created techniques by me. Taking decades to perfect from my client feedback for true blending of treating skin problems and wellbeing. If Mystery treats sounded good this will blow you away! What would you wish for?

Because my treatments are bespoke and I work with intuition, this can be ideal for Long Covid treatment and helping you feel safe.

No I can’t remove your arthritis, and maybe stressful home situations. But by offering time out, helping to ease those muscles, clear those skin problems, reduce excess hair growth -those mental strains and situations become much more bearable. Life is not just about the physical wellbeing, but the mental too combined.

For a Gift Voucher like no other – look no further!

Please call me to see how I can help you.

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