First, why do you want a facial? Is it because you have a skin problem or, is it because you want to feel relaxed, experience TLC? Or have some quality me time? Would you like your mind to finally take a deep breath and slow / stop, or your stomach to let go of that big knot and let go of all that stress and anxiety? Your shoulders to relax and go down and not up for a change. Or do you just want to feel good!

In truth many clients would like a little bit of everything listed. But how and why do facials affect you so! When it comes to the massage, is your favourite area the shoulders, neck, around the eyes, your head. Why do you like that area? That is exactly where holistic therapies come in.

But before you say I’m not into all that mumbo jumbo let me explain more.

This is why one jar of cream on its own is not a miracle. Also, why if you put it together in a support programme of recommendations, it can help towards creating those miracles you crave.
Holistic energies work throughout the body – it may be through Acupuncture meridian energy lines, reflexology energy points, Reiki chakras, Yoga chi, Meditation Zen, Yin and Yang. Names of techniques vary depending on what therapy, culture, or continent you are referring to, but all aim to bring balance.

For today let’s use the realms of the therapy Reiki.

Put simply the whole world is made up of cells / molecules. Some closer packed than others making solid objects, some invisible to the naked eye – such as the air we breathe. If we take water for instance it can appear in different forms – water, ice, steam. What makes those changes are activation and stimulation through heat. All consist of a positive, negative, and neutral energy.

Now imagine the amazing human body and the body’s cells. On a very basic level they are just put together in different forms, such as organs which are more solid. Organs may have veins with blood freely running through, and invisible oxygen within the blood. Nerves which transmit messages around the body via minute electrical stimulation. The skeleton cells are more solid and held together by muscles which stretch and retract. The lungs hold the invisible breath (which we can see on cold days as we breath out). All these fascinating cells help make up the human body.

In holistic therapies, we believe that there are other factors that can affect this, and despite being invisible to the human eye, are revealed by very clever photography – these are auras and chakras. Compare this with medical science that can now see through the body using X rays, MRI scans etc.

Look at yourself now and what colours are you wearing today, ask yourself why you put on that red shirt and not the blue one. Why white and not black. Why did that colour appeal to you today? Red was too bold, brown too blaaa, or you brightened an outfit with accessories. Did you need confidence or relaxation? On a subliminal level these colours affect our mental state at that moment. But by working with these colours we feel brighter, healthier, more chilled and less anxious. These colours are also connecting to a specific chakra, and that chakra connects from your outside environment to your inner working body. More fundamentally this connects to our moods, organs, and health.

So where does this fit in to your facial!

7 main chakras

This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY-SA

You have 7 main chakras (spinning balls of energy placed up the centre of your main body in the spinal region). They have names and affect our organs and moods –

  • The ‘Crown’ Pink, gold, white or purple. Pineal Gland, anxiety release
  • The ‘Brow’ Indigo, Pituitary gland. Intuition, mind (overload). Release fear, clarity, and relaxation
  • The ‘Throat’ Sky Blue – Thyroid gland. Speech, throat, holding back emotions. Find the words, inner peace, balance and love.
  • The ‘Heart’ Green -The Thymus gland, heart circulation, inner self-love, contentment and vitality
  • The ‘Solar Plexus’ Yellow – inner peace and balance, digestion, breathe. Feel whole, secure, strength, immunity, and confidence
  • The ‘Sacral’ Orange – relationships, instability, settle emotions, enjoy lifes pleasures, happiness.
  • The ‘Base’ Red – inner strength, total grounding, survival instinct and stability

The force that connects them all together is the Caduceus energy line – like 2 swirling serpents crossing over up the spine in areas relating to the endocrine system. Symbolised in medical science with the 2 serpent heads facing each other at the top, and pin for the spine.

During a traditional facial we work on the top 3 chakras. And cover many of client wishes. But if we could treat all 7 – imagine how this would ensure longer lasting results. The central Heart chakra is neutral and balanced by the other chakras

A therapist with Reiki training uses their knowledge to help you feel better. By helping the chakras work more efficiently in balance, we can also help those pesky skin problems, aches, stress, brain ache, anxiety, focus, depression and lack of energy / brain fog etc.

My knowledge of Reiki and many other holistic therapies combined with my personal experience and intuition to know which of your chakras or points need more care. Never has this been more important than in the current climate of Covid, and anxiety of Long Covid symptoms and restrictions.

My unique and bespoke ‘I wish…’® The Wellbeing Facial Therapy Support Programme – which is Intensive, indulgent, and incredibly powerful – allows me to concentrate several therapies together, including Reiki, to treat your physical mental and emotional whole at one time.

This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY-SA

The regular therapy support programme allows me to build up benefits with each visit, and teach you how you can help yourself at home by making simple adjustments – the holistic way. The 6 or 12 month Support Programme includes everything you will need to grant you your wish.