Why do we hear about them more often now?

What effect do they have on skin?

One important part of the body and skin is the digestion. Different parts of the digestive system offer differing functions, and aids, to break down the food we eat. One of those aids are the naturally occurring good gut bacteria – Probiotics. We are born with them, and they live in the gut and on the skin.

Unfortunately, there are several factors which deplete your naturally occuring probiotics – such as stress, anti-biotics, medications and some skin preparations, all impacting and reducing them. In some occasions they are even reduced pre-birth.

For some time now, research is thought to show that people born with Eczema and psoriasis in particular have a much lower Probiotic presence in the gut. But research now shows that many skin problems begin due to a reduced Probiotic presence.

Introducing natural Probiotic supplements can have a direct impact on helping skin problems, some more dramatic than others. In fact, within 3 days I noticed the inflammation of my own Eczema vastly improved when I was struggling with a flare up.

Probiotics are important to helping skin problems indirectly by helping to sooth the skin from within.

If taking any supplements always ensure they are natural and not synthetic otherwise further deficiencies may occur. This is why at Jill Yvette’s I recommend the Advanced Nutrition Programme vitamin supplements.

I have just read a interesting article in ‘Aesthetic Medicine’ (September issue) on new research supporting  my thoughts:

Atopic Eczema develops in the womb, it can also affect the growth of the foetus.

If probiotics are not present to colonise at birth via the birth canal onto the skin and gut they cannot create a harmonious balance overall, then inflammatory skin problems can occur.

There is not much we can do about probiotics once born. But armed with knowledge we can at least supplement ourselves, especially in a world where food is not as nutritious as only 50 years ago. So supplements become more and more important.

Probiotics are natural micro-organisms supporting skin, health, immunity, and skin barrier functions. UV, pollution, medication, cosmetics, trauma, acne, Rosacea, Eczema, dehydration, age all impact on quantity of Probiotics.

For a long time I have recommended Natural Yoghurt face masks to sooth the skin on flare ups, to hydrate, and create a comfortable elasticity. Which backs up these findings.

Probiotic supplements come in differing brand forms – powders, capsules or tablets. ‘ANP’ is a none-tasting powder.