TLC for dry hands and offering you tips on how you can look after your struggling dry hands yourself at home and compensate for all the extra hand washing and gels in the current lock down. Join Jill Yvette live via ‘Zoom’ on Easter Tuesday at 2.00pm for tips on products, health and diet in a fun interactive 30 minutes session.

NHS and front line workers are sharing an extremely valuable gift with those that are needing help, and keeping us safe. I would like to offer a little kindness in return.  A special request has been made for me to run this specially for them at 8.00pm on a Friday giving them chance to come home, chill and wind down while giving their hands chance to recover. If you would like to join me on Friday evening 17th April please get in touch so I can send you a ‘Zoom’ link to grant you access to this group specially for you. I hope to offer other dedicated sessions for you also so please keep in touch / fill in the contact form  so I can keep you up to date.