Elisa, Tunbridge Wells

You completely sorted my back out … You are very gifted!

Laura Davis – BABTAC accreditation officer

I´m very excited about this course. It is unique in both delivery and personal development for students. The manual, products, and leaflets are excellent and all high standard and very informative. I look forward to the response from our members.

Dorothy, 79, Huddersfield

Enjoy everything and feel wonderful and dreamy afterwards, all anxieties disappeared. The next day feel energised. Always sleep much better afterwards, and my skin feels amazing too, – so I feel happy. I would really miss the intensity during and after and the work on the neck and shoulders now. It is much more than a normal facial.

Shirley, Retired, Huddersfield

Everything is wonderful – I slept for days after, the floating, my skin, feeling of a bubble, total feeling of well-being. Love 2 hours because I can be pampered longer – and that couch oh boy!!! It’s nice when everyone says what a lovely complexion I have and how fit and well I look (Thanks). Can’t do without I wish Face Therapy.

Sally, 43, Huddersfield

Came with general aches and pains and sinus problems. Liked the deep relaxation and time for myself and body. Foot part felt great. Later my back finally released naturally and made me jump but feels better now than has for weeks. Sleep better, energy but chilled and feeling of in a bubble. My skin is stronger and settled. Love the way it is different every time, – but disliked having to get up!

Corrina, 49, Huddersfield

My sinuses are clear and skin brilliant. I loved the massage including the feet and felt reinvigorated after the treatment. It is a very different experience to any other facial I’ve had. Days later my skin was very noticeably improved and I have much more energy. Already booked the next. P.S. Love the drink!! Nice touch.

Community nurse, Huddersfield

I arrived stressed and tired but both addressed wonderfully. I particularly liked the gentleness of touch on my face. I felt very relaxed and unreal after. My face feels very clean and relaxed and stressors gone. I take away how lovely I feel and how I have been nurtured and made to feel special and of worth. If you want complete relaxation, a rejuvenating uplift and spiritual input have a treatment. Love 2 hours because I will experience more of the benefits and it takes me a while to unwind.

Patricia, Huddersfield

I arrived tired and stressed, the pace of treatment definitely makes you slow down relieving tension and clearing the mind. – When can I come again and the longer the better – bring on the all day one!! Thanks for the special drink too – lovely. My skin is much brighter too.

Kay, 43, Huddersfield

Liked the neck and shoulder massage, feel quite uplifted after. The additional feet bit was very enjoyable which I did not expect. I woud describe it as calming and relaxing and makes your skin feel great. Lovely time to yourself in a busy day. Still super chilled 4 days later and skin excellent and very clear again. I always sleep better too.

Mrs Taylor, over 70 – Halifax

Two hours of me time, where time stands still to empty ones mind of the day to day concerns. Feel totally relaxed and feeling of well-being having been pampered and cared for. The whole body is included. The important part for me is the relaxation and neck treatment, the best relief I know along with sleep quality. I look younger now than 8 years ago!!!

Lyn Oldroyd, 59, Huddersfield

Love everything – the relaxation, the calmness after, feeling chilled, happy, sleepy, my skin is more settled too. It gives me more energy to cope with my workload.

Carol, 64, Huddersfield

Time stops. I feel much calmer, my mind at rest and have peace of mind. Neck and shoulders are now painless. So much energy after I got all my jobs done. I am more at ease with myself.

A.H., Huddersfield

I used to come for my skin, but now I come for the superchill but I look fab too. Love it, love it. Me time, I’m hooked. Better than chocolate – and I love chocolate. Pure heaven on a stick and boy do I lap it up!