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Hurray we are open again, at last Boris has taken pity on us here in ‘Kirklees’ i.e.  Huddersfield  ‘On the other side of local Covid-19 lockdown’.

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Following lockdown I’m pleased to announce Jill Yvette’s is reopening again on Yorkshire Day and taking appointments. It will be a limited ‘Covid treatment list’, but still plenty on offer to help you let go of lockdown frustrations, and get back to some normality. Following Covid training Jill Yvette’s has a new refurbished look too! […]

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Treat yourself at home with a chill out relaxation massage for the head and hair. Join me via ‘Zoom’ to learn how to do this stunning treatment during a 30 minute live interactive session. Why be frazzled or lonely when you can help yourself to feel better and nourish your hair at the same time. […]

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TLC for dry hands and offering you tips on how you can look after your struggling dry hands yourself at home and compensate for all the extra hand washing and gels in the current lock down. Join Jill Yvette live via ‘Zoom’ on Easter Tuesday at 2.00pm for tips on products, health and diet in a […]

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Love me Tuesdays

April 6, 2020

‘Love me Tuesdays’ free special home self-treats begin on Tuesday 7th April live with ‘Zoom’ online demonstrations and tips. I hope to cover various subjects so if you have any requests please let me know. The subjects will be announced on news column of my website.

Xmas newsletter 2019

December 1, 2019

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Win ‘I wish…’ The Wellbeing Facial Therapy & Consultation in the Easter Prize draw. This is Jill Yvette’s Signature Therapy and is ‘Intensive, Indulgent, and Incredibly Powerful’. Normally £94.50, it lasts 3 1/2 hrs of luxury and pampering – sometimes the impossible is stunning! ‘I wish…’ The Wellbeing Facial Therapy is an intuitive award winning […]

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What are Probiotics?

September 17, 2018

Why do we hear about them more often now? What effect do they have on skin? One important part of the body and skin is the digestion. Different parts of the digestive system offer differing functions, and aids, to break down the food we eat. One of those aids are the naturally occurring good gut […]

The cause of skin problems

September 17, 2018

Every day that I treat clients and their problems I am reminded how their inner health, stress, lifestyle and diet are affecting their skin. Without looking at the complete picture, you are effectively putting on a plaster and sometimes disguising the real problem. People expect me as a therapist to have the perfect skin. But […]

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