This years new ‘Mystery Treats’ have really taken your imagination by storm. And will be included in the next treatment price list

All you do is book your time and suggest how you would like to feel at the end, and I will do the rest.

I recently had a special request asking me to blend my 40 years beauty experience with my intuitive flair for anything holistic and reiki. Her problem – typical back ache from home office working, and lots of stress.

So we began aided with scene setting of specially chosen snuggle wraps, candles, relaxing rhythmical waves on the music, Tibetan chakra singing bowls.

The 2 hours of therapies included a back scrub and warm oil back massage, facial with focus on the eyes and ears pressure points, then she relaxed with a face mask and self-heating jasmine scented eye mask. During which time I massaged her calves and feet with an energising circulation cream. The whole treatment was completed with a rehydrating Special House Tea. She then went home and slept for 2 days!!!!!

Another client ended hers with a Day Make up application as she was going out.

This amazing ‘Mystery Treat’ treatment allows me to call on my 40 years of experience and using methods not always on the price list but blend perfectly in these requests. So expect the unexpected! What would you choose.

Choose from: ½ hr £40 1 hr £65 2hr £130
A. Chill and ground B. Rejuvenate C. Energise

All are available by Gift Voucher. So if you fancy a great deal on these see ‘The 3 Winter Offers’