‘Love me Tuesdays’ free special home self-treats begin on Tuesday 7th April live with ‘Zoom’ online demonstrations and tips. I hope to cover various subjects so if you have any requests please let me know. The subjects will be announced on news column of my website.

The first one will be;

            The correct methods for skin care cleansing and exfoliating

You can join in and participate free via an invitation link – which I will send you by your request, along with things you will need for that week.

It is more important than ever at this time to ensure you are doing your home treats to the best methods possible for maximum control of problems.

I hope these will be both informative and fun groups.

To join in send me a

Text – 07710 173088,

Email – jill@jillyvettes.co.uk or via

Website – contact form on the website – www.jillyvettes.co.uk