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Skin and Wellbeing Therapy

Unique Support Programme

Intensive, indulgent and incredibly powerful

  • Reduce: Skin problems, ageing, medication, stress, aches, anxiety, and mental health issues
  • Improve: Skin quality, confidence, happiness, calmness, wellbeing, self-image, energy and focus

Mental, physical and emotional benefits
My award-winning Unique Support Programme over 6/12 months includes up to 2½hrs of pure chill-out time, tips and all the products, vitamins etc to help you. Each intuitive treatment is different on every visit. You can look forward to enjoying a look of contentment, along with goodies to take away.

Created with the help and collaboration of my clients for over 30 years.

If I could wave a magic wand, what would you wish for?

It grants you 3 wishes:






The Future

I wish…® Unique Support Programme combines:

  • Specialist products
  • Bespoke beauty and holistic therapies e.g. Beauty, Reiki, aromatherapy, reflexology, pressure points, Indian head massage etc. Throughout it has one changing dominant therapy – and the essence of at least five therapies at any time using my unique specially created ‘I wish…®‘ techniques. So you don’t have to choose  just lie back and see where the ride on your feather takes you today!

In one visit you will appreciate looking better and adore feeling better. But over 6 or 12 months the difference is life changing.

I wish is not a one fits all therapy, but bespoke from a therapist who is skilled, feels empathy, and compassion, and recognises your spoken and unspoken needs intuitively.

Don’t compare I wish…® Face Therapy to a typical facial. I wish… clients confirm an altogether more intense experience that has lasting benefits.

You completely sorted my back out … You are very gifted!

Elisa, Tunbridge Wells  
Elisa, Tunbridge Wells

Enjoy everything and feel wonderful and dreamy afterwards, all anxieties disappeared. The next day feel energised. Always sleep much better afterwards, and my skin feels amazing too, – so I feel happy. I would really miss the intensity during and after and the work on the neck and shoulders now. It is much more than a normal facial.

Dorothy, 79, Huddersfield 
Dorothy, 79, Huddersfield

Everything is wonderful – I slept for days after, the floating, my skin, feeling of a bubble, total feeling of well-being. Love 2 hours because I can be pampered longer – and that couch oh boy!!! It’s nice when everyone says what a lovely complexion I have and how fit and well I look (Thanks). Can’t do without I wish Face Therapy.

Shirley, Retired, Huddersfield 
Shirley, Retired, Huddersfield

Your three wishes are granted:


Your First wish: The Unique Support Programme Consultation provides the direction and end goal.

The one hour consultation prior to treatment is essential to enable you achieve your desired results. We consider your lifestyle, long-term aims of skin mind and body. Establish the level of support, course of treatment, cost and time to achieve your wish. You will find it informative and inspiring for both treatments and self-help at home, with a personalised recommendation brochure to keep. I wish…® and consultations can help all skin problems e.g. youthful desires (especially for fifty plus) clarity, dryness, sensitivity, problematic, Rosacea, acne, blackheads – plus wellbeing problems e.g. sleep deprivation, aches, stress, mental and physical lethargy, relaxation, neck and shoulder tightness, confidence, energy, boost, time out, bringing mind to a stop, relaxation, sinusitis, eye strain or simply crave for personal pampering.


Your Second wish is for today’s treatment experience.

Then reclining on a cosy couch cuddled in soft blankets, music playing (or not), your choice of aromatherapy in the air, while I intuitively create your perfect treatment in that very moment.

Imagine yourself lying back enveloped within your own personal feather, focusing 85% from shoulders and neck upwards for the next two hours. As you experience the intensive, indulgent and incredibly powerful beauty that is I wish…®.

I begin using appropriate specialist cleansers and creams to clean, treat, and nourish your skin, dry out and lift those annoying imperfections, and help those shadows and lines to soften and fade.

Then you get chance to drift along on your magic I wish…®feather – where YOU subconsciously decide the journey. The highs and lows of stress and tension release, and the lymphatic and sinus blockages released and cleared.

I help to take you on your journey by listening intuitively to what your body is saying second by second, and using incredibly powerful but gentle techniques and indulgent amounts of beautiful creams to help you in your quest.

You lose track of time, perhaps your body desires intensity – and saying to swoop deep and firm around your shoulder tensions and knots. Then gently easing out the neck strain, as I literally lift the weight from your shoulders – then comes the big sigh moment around your eyes and unblocking your sinuses, but not forgetting – slow and peaceful on the temples! The endless mumbo jumbo chasing in your mind ceases as I work on your scalp, and massaging your ears to connect to the rest of the body to release tension elsewhere.

I work gently down your body through cosseting blankets to your feet, where the last of your stresses and aches float away into eternity, and finally you become at one with yourself again.

Returning to your face I apply the facemask completing the hydrating and clearing, as your body allows itself the luxury of assimilating the therapy and its intensive, indulgent and incredibly powerful qualities – and you adjusting to the happy, refreshed, and calm new you.


Your Third wish is how you want to feel for the following days and weeks

Afterwards it just keeps getting better. Finally, you sit drinking your special house tea and slowly welcome in the new world! I wish…® is so powerful many clients describe it as a two day spa break in two hours!

Begin transforming your skin and wellbeing:

Achieve better health

Beautiful skin

Improve your self-motivation and protection from surroundings

Coping mechanism restored, chill-out and time-out for self Relief from aches and pains

Calm, happy, confident and inspired

Mental and physical freedom

Energised and feeling great.

I wish…® Therapy options

  • I wish…® includes using Gernetic – all problems
  • I wish…® includes using Gernetic Parfait – super perfect anti ageing treatment
  • I wish…® includes Spa Find – healing and soothing from the dead sea minerals

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