Two days before the launch I treated Geraldine to I wish… for the first time. We took before and after photos of her, then presented them on a 6 foot screen for all to see!

She came on stage having not spoken to me since the treatment to described her experience. “Like massaging the grey matter in her brain not just the scalp.” “A trip to the theatre in emotions.” “A feast for every sense in her mind and body.” “Her skin was soft and plumpy. And how she hasn’t stopped or shut up since!”

Anita took an impromptu stand in the evening. She has been there from the very beginning and agreed with Geraldine, but there is a big chillout and brain clearance if you need it. And it is great at any time of the day. Go with an open mind and who knows what wish you will achieve.

I look forward to meeting some of you coming to experience this