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Adam and Eve

These waxes are gentle to experience, with a pleasant aroma. The after care leaves the skin soft and smooth. Hair length needs to be long enough to lift out. Regrowth is generally softer, and lasts around 4-6 weeks.


I have a reputation for doing some amazing eyebrows – without wax or thread, but with tweezers. Please believe me – a professional session is much less traumatic and easier for the skin and allows me to be very precise.


Electrolysis is the original permanent hair removal system. New advances in electrolysis have been going on for a long time.

The Canadian Apilus electrolysis technology has been around for over 20 years – and had improvements throughout. This new computerised technology system has a big reputation for client comfort, and stubborn hair growths, meaning treatment is more successful. There is even a skin sensitivity test to ensure the perfect treatment, and reactions during and after are minimal. The machine is therefore good for stubborn growth and more sensitive of skins.

Apilus hair removal
apilus electrolysis

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