Hair Removal


Adam and Eve

These waxes are gentle to experience, with a pleasant aroma. The after care leaves the skin soft and smooth. Hair length needs to be long enough to lift out. Regrowth is generally softer, and lasts around 4-6 weeks.


I have a reputation for doing some amazing eyebrows – without wax or thread, but with tweezers. Please believe me – a professional session is much less traumatic and easier for the skin and allows me to be very precise.


Sadly, unwanted hair growth is a problem experienced by many. There are several options out there to treat it. Electrolysis is extremely effective in time, controlling growth where it is not wanted. It is not dependent on length, colour, density, area as other methods are. It is still the traditional and effective method for a reason. You can be sure of a new needle each session. The time taken is the time charged for, so this may vary from one session to the next.

Epil 2000 Hair Removal

Epil 2000 is an alternative to Electrolysis, working on smaller areas generally.

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