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All the treatments available at Jill Yvette's are pure and natural taking the product ingredients and their result seriously. They are pure without parabens etc and many of them consider the effects of the sun too.

I wish... Treatments

I wish... is developed by Jill Yvette. Lasting 2 hours varying from heavy to light in techniques. Methods combine beauty therapy with many holistic methods, taking the essence of all putting them into a one stop does all therapy. It appeals to clients interested in Beauty but also the holistic markets. Results are proven with before and after photos. ...Read more

Gernetic Treatments

Gernetic is a French product of real quality based on nutrition through the skin with creams. It can help many different conditions. It excels on skin problems of all types - simple dryness to full blown Acne and maturing skins. The skin is noticeably brighter and clearer, with just one treatment. Before and after photos are encouraged to highlight these improvements.

Body treatments are equally stunning for slimming and circulation problems. Aching joints from arthritis etc can also be eased. ...Read more


Ah Reiki, what is it, stress relief without medication. Can help illnesses and aches. Relaxation a plenty. Helps to clear the mind and body of the extra baggage we carry. A course of 3 treatments is recommended so any side effects are minimised and short. ...Read more

Reiki training
Two day courses are run for any person who would like the benefit of stress and illness control the natural way at any time to suit them. Once trained you have the gift for life. You can train to any level that feels right for you. You should talk to any Reiki teacher before training to ensure you feel comfortable with them. ...Read more

Jane Iredale Make Up

Mineral make up of the purest quality, loved by both the celebrities and makeup lovers alike.

The easiest base to apply ever. e.g. all in one - concealer, foundation, powder, and 20spf in every pressed powder base. With no caking, invisible, and natural to look at and feel on your skin. The new 'powder and go'. Long lasting and beautiful. ...Read more

Hands and Eyes

Regular manicures of the natural nail builds up the strength and condition. No need for false nails.

Eyebrow trims are done the traditional way with tweezers. Done properly it is far less uncomfortable than any DIY. and less redness too. The shape is easily corrected and finite shaping possible.

Tinting is quick and easy and means no mascara or pencils are needed. Don't forget though to book in for your patch test first. ...Read more

Hair Removal

The main types of hair removal are waxing for large areas lasting up to 6 weeks. The hair re-growth is soft. Electrolysis is for small areas and individual hairs, and is longer lasting eventually.

Epil 2000 An alternative to the above and laser, it can work well when the growth is dense particularly. ...Read more

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