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Reiki holds great curiosity and fascination for many people.
How does it work? How can it do such amazing things?

Reiki helps to balance the mind and body using chakras helping you to throw out the unimportant and bring in the new and fresh it clears the mind and helps the body drop the stress and sometimes illnesses.

I do not diagnose your problems but address the areas needing balance. Problems treated are too numerous, but stress, mental clarity, general aches, tiredness, bereavement, shock and general illnesses are all popular requests.


The actual treatments are gentle, relaxing and restful usually taking 1 hour, sometimes more.

We sit and discuss your focus of treatment to assess. You may be given simple to use daily exercises when needed. I always I insist on you sitting with a drink afterwards to come round. Hence allow 2 hours. You will feel different on each occasion. The possible after-effects will be explained to you, you will recognise them and then feel better for letting the unwanted 'baggage' float away.

Your life can change from this. A single session can be done, but, I insist all new clients have a course of 3 sessions in 14 days or less. This allows the full cleansing and healing process to take hold without long-lasting unpleasant side effects. Often no more Reiki sessions will be needed, great for hit-me-quick feel good power. With Reiki we have a saying if you are attracted to it the time opportunity and therapist will appear for you. Maybe this is your time?

Single session
Allow 2hrs of your time
1hr 30mins £45.00
Course of 3 (Paid at the first session) £130.00

Reiki training available

2 day accredited courses
If you really do want a bit of the good stuff on hand, and be able to treat yourself on tap whenever you want without visiting a therapist then training is for you. Perhaps life is constantly stressful, or you have ongoing health problems or family issues, need help to deal with situations. It is feel good in your hands 24/7. Being able to help others if you want to is a bonus. Training is suitable for anyone and any age, no previous experience is needed. Please ask for the brochure and dates.

If you train with one teacher it does not mean you have to:

  • Continue through all levels
  • Stay with the same teacher at each level

Talk with a prospective teacher first, if it feels right for you with them then go with it. No experience is needed.

First degree 2 days 10am-5pm £195.00

This introduces the concept of Reiki, chakras and understanding the basic elements of Reiki. A one hour self treat is equal to 3 or 4 hours sleep. Learn how to protect yourself from your environment.

Second degree 2 days 10am-6pm(ish) £285.00

Experience the stronger healing power and way of life Reiki offers. You can treat others and charge clients with the appropriate insurance. A one hour self treat is equal to 12 to 14 hours sleep! You will also learn how to shorten the treatment time dramatically.

Master/teacher 2 days £550.00

Wow, so you want to go the whole way good for you! At this level you really appreciate what Reiki is. It teaches the lessons in life and understanding their meaning. You become even more sensitive to your surroundings and learn to teach others this great tradition. This level is taught one-to-one when you convince me you are ready. Training is booked by demand.

For more details, visit the I wish... website.

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