Allow your inner beauty to blossom

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I wish

The full body facial!

Intensive, indulgent, and incredibly powerful

Focusing on the shoulders up, but includes a little of the body and feet. It is two hours of bespoke luxury, indulgence, and full-bodied power. Taking you on a different journey every visit. Imagine lying back enveloped in your own personal feather and enjoying the highs and lows as it follows your flight of stress release that second!

  • Intensive: due to combining specialist skin knowledge with holistic well-being therapies eg Reiki, Aromatherapy, Indian Head Massage, etc. in specially created techniques
  • Indulgent: due to the quantities of creams, bespoke 2 hour massage, and personal 'wish' of the day
  • Incredibly powerful: immediate visible results in skin youthfulness, sleep quality, contentment, inspired new beginnings, clear and chilled mind, and shoulder – neck – eye strain, relief etc.
  • Full body facial: the power of combining all therapies and powerful I wish... techniques, mainly to face, head, neck, shoulders, completing through cosseting blankets to the feet.
  • I wish…: Your wish and dream for the day is granted!
  • Feather: lie back warm, safe and secure – and enjoy the journey!


  • Skin problems, clarity, and youthfulness
  • Stress, aches and pains, sinuses
  • Sleep deprivation
  • Mental & physical lethargy
  • Crave for personal pampering, etc, etc.


  • Immediately clearer younger looking skin, worthy of before and after photos
  • Energy and vitality
  • Confidence and inspiration
  • New beginnings
  • Peace and calmness, and lots more.


  • Using an in-depth consultation and aftercare recommendations.​
  • Blending natural hands on beauty and holistic therapies seamlessly in a non stop... 2 hour luxury bespoke treatment every time.
  • Providing a skin, mind, body and spirit pick me up.

Anything is possible when you:
Allow your inner beauty to blossom

The I wish... consultation is needed before any therapy can begin. You can then experience the powerful therapy and feel the all-round benefits. The results are immediately appreciated.

I wish... face therapies can use a Gernetic programme for superior skin results and holistic well-being combined.

I wish… Wellbeing Consultation
(includes £5.00 refunded against your first treatment)
75mins £25.00

We discuss your long-term wishes and decide which products are most beneficial, and design a treatment plan allowing the simplest to the most difficult of skin problems to be treated.

You will be inspired to take control and adjust your lifestyle.

What is your wish – peace energising, clearer skin, better sleep, relaxation, confidence, inspiration, sinus or neck tension relief, clear jobs list, simply to enjoy time out, or maybe something else?

OFFER: Book consultation and pay for first treatment and consultation for £82.00

I wish... Face Therapy Wellbeing & Aromaworks 2hrs £63.50

For all skins, the pure and natural solution using even more aromatherapy.

I wish... Face Therapy Wellbeing & Parfait 2hrs 30mins £75.00

For maturing skin when you feel your skin needs that extra help in looking younger. Parfait has superb results. It includes all of the Gernetic below plus the Gernetic Parfait range perfect for mature skin. See the difference immediately.

I wish... Face Therapy Wellbeing & Gernetic 2hrs £65.00

All skins, all problems, all ages, bespoke and tailor-made well-being on the day.

I wish... Face Therapy Wellbeing & Spa 2hrs £65.00

Ultra clean skin and zingy well-being of I wish... 'Spa' range. Excellent pre holidays, post winter, healthy feeling.

If you would like to know even more about I wish... please go to the dedicated website.

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