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Reiki training

Reiki training

Reiki training is available in small groups so the student can have enough contact and ideas from fellow trainees but still have a good personal level of training and guidance with Jill Yvette. All levels are taught over 2 days but the day will vary in length the higher you progress.

These courses are available to anyone - no experience is required. It is suitable for all ages and backgrounds. It is not hard to learn infact many find it very relaxing.

Reiki training is about looking after yourself and making you stronger mentally and physically. Often students clear out the house / office wardrobes. This can be part of letting go mentally of things that are not as important - plus helping you to put into context again and achieve balance and harmony in life.

Attunements unlock the key to self treat with Reiki. They also enable you to treat friends and family at level one. The public at level two. Enhance your powers and personal learning at master teacher level. Please enquire for dates as I keep a list of people interested in training usually on a Wednesday and Thursday, OR, Saturday and Sunday.

I wish... training

I wish... training is available for professional therapists over 5 days.

We are constantly looking for therapists in all areas of the country, if you would like to experience the therapy please let us know your favourite therapist and their details for training. Full details are available on the I wish... website.

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