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Hair removal


This is a traditional progressive hair removal which uses a sterile needle on each visit. I charge for the actual duration of each session so it may vary each time. As a guide:

5mins minimum allow 30mins £14.00
15mins allow 30mins £19.00
30mins allow 45mins £35.00
45mins allow 1hr £51.00

EPIL 2000

Epil 2000

This is an alternative to Electrolysis and laser for hair removal. It is fast painless, no needles and large areas can be covered.

A gel is essential for 5 day after care following treatment to use at home £22.00
Lip 30mins £30.00
Chin 30mins £30.00
Neck 45mins £51.00
Cheeks 45mins £51.00


Simple and quick, stubble free areas in minutes, lasts up to 6 weeks and more. Hair often grows back softer and more patchy over time. You need at least centimeter growth to treat, but the longer the better.

Ankle to knee 30mins £21.00
Thighs 30mins £23.00
Full leg 1hr £35.00
Full leg with bikini 1hr £42.00
Full leg with bikini and underarm 1hr £48.50
Bikini 30mins £9.00
Underarm 30mins £9.00
Bikini and underarm 30mins £17.00
Top lip 15mins £8.00
Chin 15mins £8.00
Lip and chin 30mins £15.00
Back 30mins £25.00
(chest, back, underarm, full leg, and bikini)
2hrs £84.00

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