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Gernetic Treatments

I believe it's simply the best product out there - and to prove it I take photos! The professional product from France is now in over 49 countries and 18,000 salons and leads the way that others follow.

The range treats the skin and body with natural vitamins and minerals from the outside in - Gernetic gives fantastic results.

Once you try it no other range quite hits the mark. The skin is a reflection of inner health but can also be dramatically improved with this range. I have won Gernetician of the Year and best 'before and after' photos prize, demonstrating superb improvements.

Combine this with I wish... and I believe the results can not be beaten.

Favourite products are the Marine Exfoliating Cleanser, Synchro healing cream, and Immuno cream to help give immunity to the skin. The Parfait products for mature skin are in a league of their own. The After Sun gel should be in all medical cupboards for burns cuts and bruises etc.

Typical uses for the:

Face: Dry dehydrated skin, blackheads, spots, acne. Signs of aging and mature skin. Scars; skin boost for tired skin. Any and all problems. Homecare products are essential.

Body: Gernetic feeds the body and enables it to correct problems itself using treatments and homecare. For cellulite slimming, oedema, veins circulation, tired legs, stretchmarks and arthritis etc.

(includes £5.00 refunded against 1st treatment)
75mins £25.00

Before Gernetic and I wish... treatments can begin a full consultation is needed to fully understand what results you are looking for and agree together progress and your expectations. It also gives guidance on aftercare and how to look after yourself. The treatment is tailor-made on each visit - all you have to do is turn up and enjoy. Just a selection of skin requests are: dryness, ageing, spots, veins, rosacea, eczema, acne, oiliness.

Face Treatments

I wish... face therapies are available using Gernetic

I wish... Face Therapy Wellbeing & Parfait

2hrs 30mins
I wish... Face Therapy Wellbeing & Gernetic

2hrs £65.00
I wish... Face Therapy Wellbeing & Spa

More than just a facial. Reiki, aromatherapy, beautiful skin, massage and perfect choice and blend of many holistic therapies delivers well-being, both during and longer term results, e.g. chill, energise, clearer mind, pick up mentally and physically, for the perfect intensive, incredibly powerful indulgence.

2hrs £65.00
Beautiful skin and me time facial
For clients wishing to focus purely on massage and the skin.
90mins £53.50
Acne problem solver facial
For younger acne skin.
75mins £46.00
Micro facial
This focuses on the products rather than massage. However, it is surprisingly relaxing for the time taken. The skin texture/nourishing get the real benefit. Still a great treat to love in a shorter time available.
45mins £34.00

Body and bust treatments

Body Perfection Therapy 2hrs £70.00

See and feel results after the first session. Helps you to slim, circulation, detoxify and aids the digestive system.

Bust Balance Therapy 1hr 45mins £57.00

A very relaxing experience working over the bust arms and back. Regulate the natural shape, PMT or acne using just natural nutritional creams.

Mini bust balance 30mins £26.00

Combine with other treatments to enhance results.

If you would like to know even more about Gernetic please go to the dedicated website.

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